Four Creative Ideas For A Spare Bedroom

Three-bedroom apartments provide you with the space you need to feel comfortable and organized. But what about the empty spare bedroom that has no intention of being anything but a storage room? Promontory Apartments in Greeley, Colorado is here to provide you with some creative ideas to turn that spare room into something great! Contact us for a tour of our beautiful apartment complex today!

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woman with weights

Fitness Room

While it’s true that apartment complexes such as Promontory Apartments offer great amenities, you might want to think about converting your extra room into a workout space. This gives you the ability to customize the room to meet your fitness goals. Consider adding a weight rack, a stationary bike, and a TV.

person knitting

Crafts Room

Do you consider yourself to be the crafty type? If so, turning your spare room into the ultimate crafting space may be the best option. Whether it’s sewing, painting, or scrapbooking, having an organized area in your three-bedroom apartment will give you peace of mind and allow you to destress.

family playing board game

Game Room

If you’re seeking an alternative to your living room or bedroom to spend time with your friends virtually, converting your spare room into a gaming space is an excellent option. Think about adding furniture, a mini fridge, and decorating it to become the best room in the apartment.

home office

Home Office

Although not as creative as the others, many people are working remotely and are trying to find ideal places in their apartments to comfortably work. Turning a spare room into an office gives you a chance to design the room to help you be the most productive. Purchasing items like a standing desk, multiple monitors, and a high-quality chair will make any room the best office you can imagine.

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Opting for a three-bedroom apartment can offer various advantages, such as having an extra room that can be repurposed in many imaginative ways. Explore these innovative ideas from Promontory Apartments to transform your spare room into something more practical.

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